Netherlands Festivals 2023, 2024 - Fairs, Craft Shows, Music Festivals in Netherlands

SoccerRocker 2024


May, 2024

Sportpark Drieburg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Emporium 2024


May, 2024

Recreatiegebied Berendonck, Weg door de Berendonck 4 Wijchen, Netherlands, Wijchen, Netherlands

Dance4Liberation 2024


May, 2024

Grote Voort, Zwolle, Netherlands

Circusstad Festival 2024

Circusstad Festival

May, 2024

Circusstad Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Dutch Craft Beer Festival 2024

Dutch Craft Beer Festival

May, 2024

Atak, Enschede, Netherlands

Mumbai Color Festival 2024

Mumbai Color Festival

May, 2024

Fort bij Vechten, Marsdijk 2 Bunnik, Netherlands, Bunnik, Netherlands

Woodlum Festival 2024

Woodlum Festival

May, 2024

EKKO, Utrecht, Netherlands

Harmony of Hardcore 2024

Harmony of Hardcore

May, 2024

Festivalterrein Paaspop, Keldonkseweg 8 Erp, Netherlands, Erp, Netherlands

7th Sunday Festival 2024

7th Sunday Festival

May, 2024

Festivalterrein De Roost, Keldonkseweg 8 Erp, Erp, Netherlands

Northern Exposure Electronic Festival 2024

Northern Exposure Electronic Festival

May, 2024

Podium Victorie, Alkmaar, Netherlands

Come Out And Play Festival 2024

Come Out And Play Festival

May, 2024

Groene Engel, Oss, Netherlands

Length Of Time 2024

Length Of Time

May, 2024

café De Pompe, Goes, Netherlands

Doomsday Celebration 2024

Doomsday Celebration

May, 2024

Gebr de Nobel, Leiden, Netherlands

Beyond festival 2024

Beyond festival

May, 2024

Recreatiegebied Spaarnwoude, Velsen-Zuid, Netherlands

Dordrecht Doom Day V 2024

Dordrecht Doom Day V

May, 2024

Bibelot, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Klomppop 2024


May, 2024

Sportpark de Fazant, Ovezande, Netherlands

Rhythm & Blues Night 2024

Rhythm & Blues Night

May, 2024

De Oosterpoort, Groningen, Netherlands

Impericon Festival Amsterdam 2024

Impericon Festival Amsterdam

May, 2024

Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Metalcon 2024


May, 2024

Musicon, Den Haag, Netherlands

Duvelblues 2024


May, 2024

Hof van Coolhem, Puurs, Netherlands

Down By The River 2024

Down By The River

May, 2024

Grenswerk, Venlo, Netherlands

Lente Kabinet Festival 2024

Lente Kabinet Festival

May, 2024

Paviljoen 't Twiske, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Online Radio Festival 2024

Online Radio Festival

May, 2024

Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ohm Festival 2024

Ohm Festival

May, 2024

Lijm & Cultuur, Rotterdamseweg 272 Delft, Netherlands, Delft, Netherlands

Songfestival Sing Along 2024

Songfestival Sing Along

May, 2024

Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Festivals, Craft Shows and Fairs in Netherlands

The Netherlands offers a wide range of festivals every year. Mystery Land is one of the many fun festivals in Netherlands. It began in 1993 and was a dance festival held in Holland. It is now currently held in Haarlemmermeer. It attracts many visitors every year and offers, dance, music, art, theatre, fusion food, and workshops. The Summer Darkness is another popular festival. It takes place underground and has a dark, gothic style.

There are a variety of popular, great Netherlands music festivals as well. The Beatstad first took place in 2005 and takes place annually. It is an outdoor concert and it features music from the Den Haag area. Another annual music festival is the Parkpop festival. It is a free event that takes place in The Hague in June. The Lowlands Festival takes place in August every year. It is one of the most popular and biggest music festivals in the Netherlands. It offers visitors many stages and entertaining acts.

Paaspop is a music festival that takes place around Easter time. It features rock and pop music. The festival proceeds go to local initiatives. The Rockin' Park is another popular music festival. It is a one day festival with more than one stage. It has a market that offers a wide variety of clothing, wares, accessories, jewelry, and more.