Welcome to the Whales 2024

Welcome to the Whales 2024

June, 2024

Pelican Park, Clontarf, Queensland

About This Festival

The humpback whales are coming to Moreton Bay on their annual migration to the warm waters of northern Queensland, where they give birth to their young. Come join us as we welcome them back to our waters!

Welcome to the Whales program is included in your Redcliffe KiteFest Pass.

Activities include:
Free Touch Tank Workshop - Learn about marine life with an interactive hands-on experience brought to you by Ocean Life Education. The little ones will be able to touch blue linckia sea stars, thorny sea stars, sea urchins and black sea cucumbers.

'Whale Wishes’ - Take part in the beautiful 'Whale wishes’ ceremony, where patrons can place a pebble on the gorgeous sand sculpture to wish safe passage to all whales entering Moreton Bay waters this whale season.

Whale Sand Sculpture - Watch in amazement as our professional Sand Sculpture creates incredible sculptures right in front of your eyes!